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Medical Answering Service: Advanced Doctors Answering & Messaging Services - ADAM Services


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If you're looking for a medical answering service that will give you exceptional customer service along with the most reliable, advanced technology available in the industry, at a very affordable cost complete our contact form or. . .

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ADAM Services, a service of AnswerNet, is the premier NATIONWIDE advanced medical answering serviceexpressly designed to meet the demanding needs of the health care industry - providing both local and nationwide medical answering services.

Why use a nationwide, advanced medical answering service?

Medical Answering Services for Medical Doctors and Medical ProfessionalsSimple... the difference is in our level of answering service expertise, the specialized experience and training our medical answering service phone representatives must have,and the higher standards and failsafe systems we are required to maintain. ADAM

Services dedicated phone representatives handle all medical calls all the time!

We provide the ultimate in medical answering service technology, expertise and flexibility to fulfill the specific requirements of medical professionals who need rapid, reliable response in their medical answering service. 

Our system displays all your call-handling instructions the instant a call comes in, allowing us to be your ideal virtual office assistant

We have full call center capability to handle medical answering service accounts of all sizes, from individual practices to hospitals. 

Our ADAM Services centers have been selected to handle numerous goverment accounts because of our expertise and advanced equipment.

Use ADAM Services Medical Answering Service
instead of expanding your office staff!

Disaster Resistant Medical Answering ServicesOur equipment system is the most advanced and reliable telemessaging system in the industry! 

It is fully supported by uninterrupted power supply, heavy duty generators, and back-up servers to ensure full operation in the event of extended electrical power or phone line outage.

ADAM Services is also part of the robust AnswerNet network of 28 call centers located nationwide allowing for answering services even in the event of almost any disaster. Our advanced equipment and robust network helps to ensure against service interruptions.

Moreover, we are confident the array of services available will meet your medical answering service needs. 

Click on the "Services Provided" tab on the left side of this page to see a detailed list of medical answering services.


Virtual Office Assistant: How does it work?

Medical Answering Services Programmed To Meet Your NeedsYour instructions are pre-programmed into our system so that our Client Service Representatives have all your information on display the instant a call comes in. 

No system in the industry affords more customization than ours. We can store as much detailed information as you wish. 

Our Client Service Representatives can respond to your patients and other callers in a professional yet personalized way, to put them at ease while we take the appropriate action without delay. 

This creates a "seamless" response that will inspire confidence in your patients and professional contacts, and enhance your relationship with them. 

We can truly perform as your VIRTUAL FRONT OFFICE ASSISTANT.

Trained Medical Answering service RepresentativesWe will immediately follow your detailed instructions, displayed on our computer screen, to handle the call exactly as you wish. 

If an emergency situation arises for which we have no specific directives, we will contact you promptly in the manner you request. 

is to handle every call as you yourself would handle it!


Tired of incomplete messages and missed pages?

The Best Medical Answering Service AvailableYou'll appreciate the specialized training of our Representatives, who handle all medical calls all the time. 

On top of this, we have failsafe checks to minimize the possibility of human error. 

For example, our top-of-the-line digital equipment alerts us repeatedly if you fail to respond to a page--we guarantee we will never drop the ball. 

Our system provides the utmost in screen customization to display your precise messaging instructions. We WILL follow your instructions and ensure you have no missed messages!

Moreover, our message dispatching options include Alpha-Paging, E-Mail, Faxing, Text Messaging, Voice Mail, Web-Enabled Services, and Live Verbal Delivery. 

For The Finest
Medical Answering Services
Call Now: 1-866-302-ADAM (2326)
We are the answer!

Medical Answering Services and Your Virtual Office AssistantYou will have complete peace of mind, knowing that..


ADAM Services is there to answer the call and respond as an extension of your office. 

We are your ideal virtual office assistant! 

Remember that potential clients who do not reach a live operator are extremely likely to just call someone else, and existing clients will not be pleased with their level of care if they cannot reach you. 

ADAM Services Medical Answering Service
is the answer for you!

We offer Nationwide, Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service, Around The Clock --24x7x365!

ADAM Services is available in ALL 50 STATES with toll-free call forwarding service! (Your patients will never know they're not talking to your local office.) 

Save on staffing costs. Use us instead of expanding your office staff. 

ADAM Services utilizes phone representatives trained to perform medical answering services specifically for the health care industry.


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