Medical Answering Service

ADAM Services is an advanced quality assured medical answering service with call center services for doctors, hospitals, dental practices, home healthcare companies, hospices, DME providers and other medical industries. Read about our approach and our services below.

.Quality is In Our approach

We're serious about quality!

Industry experts agree that INCORRECT MESSAGE DISPATCH is the most daunting issue for doctors in medical messaging today.

For this reason, we have made MESSAGE ACCURACY our Number One Priority!

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We are on call 24 x 7 x 365 to be a seamless extension of your office support. Use us instead of expanding your staff.

Our medical answering, messaging and dispatch services will be customized to handle any situation in the manner you prescribe. Your instructions are pre-programmed into our system so that our service representatives have them on display when a call comes in.

Our system allows the most customization available in the industry! We can respond to your patients and other callers in a professional yet personalized way, to put them at ease and take the appropriate action without delay. 

All Service Representatives are trained extensively and thoroughly briefed on every new account. All are held accountable to the highest ethical standards and the requirements of HIPAA compliance. We have always have a manager on staff, 24x7x-365. We monitor call-handling by each representative, provide daily feedback and coaching.  

This creates a "seamless" response that will inspire confidence in your patients and professional contacts, and enhance your relationship with them.   

We can truly perform as your VIRTUAL FRONT OFFICE ASSISTANT  

If an emergency situation arises for which we have no specific directives, we will contact you promptly in the manner you request. OUR GOAL AND COMMITMENT TO YOU... ... is to handle every call as you yourself would handle it!   

Our medical answering services are 100% HIPAA compliant.  

We take four steps to ensure the quality of your services. 


Our call center experts consult with you to customize and plan services to meet your needs. 


Our call center operations professionals set up and program the planned services. 


Our operations department works with you to assure services are working to your satisfaction


Our customer support team works with you to resolve any new problems or to change service features as needed. 

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What We Do

We customize our call center services to meet your medical office and professional needs. We offer a comprehensive array of services for all healthcare industries. Our services range from answering your clients' or patients’ calls and scheduling their appointments to performing as your 24/7/365 Virtual Office Assistant. Use our medical industry answering services to handle your daytime over-flow calls and/or your after-hours calls. Reduce patient "no shows" by using our patient reminder services. Agents are trained to your needs.

Live Answering Services

Friendly, live agents answer your incoming calls, take messages, dispatch and deliver messages as you direct. Live answering services are customized to your needs. Combine with automated call handling to improve service levels.

Medical Appointment Scheduling

Call center agents answer your incoming calls and schedule your patients' medical appointments 24/7 using either our online appointment management system or your own. Save on staff time by letting us manage your appointments.

Patient Reminders

Use our automated or live agent reminder services to alert patients of scheduled appointments. Set up patient medication reminders. Combine with our appointment management system to schedule and reschedule patient appointments.

Virtual Receptionist

Use our Virtual Receptionist service as your office assistant combining 24/7 live answering services with appointment management services customized to your medical office or healthcare company needs.

Call Center Services Available

We offer a comprehensive array of call center services to meet medical and healthcare industry needs. Services are customized to your specifications. Call center services are available from answering patient phone calls and scheduling appointments to performing telesales services for medical equipment providers.

  • Toll-Free Call Forwarding--We operate in all 50 states, but your patients will never know they're not talking to your local office.
  • Nationwide and Local Call Center Services
  • 24x7x365 Live Operator Assistance
  • We always have a manager on staff, 24x7x-365
  • Many Options For Message Retrieval & Delivery, Including Voice Mail
  • Strict Hipaa Compliance
  • After Hours Emergency Dispatch
  • Highly Customized Personal Accounts
  • Operator Answer Phrase
  • Call Screening Message / Phone Tree
  • Detailed Information Management
  • Daily/Weekly Fax Messaging
  • Email Message Delivery
  • Voice Mail Message Retrieval
  • Call Logging (Recording) For Your Protection
  • Web-Enabled Check-In / Check-Out
  • Alpha-Numeric Paging / Pagers Available
  • Digital Display Paging / Pagers Available
  • Teleconferencing / Patching
  • Internet On Call Scheduling
  • Wake-Up Calls
  • Complete Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Call-Outs Such As Appointment Reminders
  • Call Overflow / Busy Lines Forwarding
  • Pre-Surgical Calls
  • Prescription Reminder Calls
  • Simplified, Customized Billing
  • Many Other Services As Requested - Just Ask!

Use us instead of expanding your office staff!